4月 22, 2020

Proud sideliners: Doing our part in HELPING SAVE LIVES OF PATIENTS


Inside each ventilator and defibrillator, is a PCBA.

Working on many of those PCBAs, is IMI.

Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc. continues to produce more printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), this time for battery packs and chargers of life-saving medical equipment such as ventilators and defibrillators.

PCBAs are integral parts of every electronic gadget made up of electronic components that are linked and mounted to ensure a complete circuit connection performance. Without PCBAs, the ventilators or defibrillators will not work.

“We realize that without your continued supply of products and services, we will see a significant impact to our end-users of medical devices,” asserted one of IMI’s medical device customers who commissioned IMI to manufacture the PCBAs. The customer is among the largest medical device outsource manufacturer in the world serving the cardiac, neuromodulation, orthopedics, vascular, advanced surgical and power solutions markets.

Ventilators, as most people know by now, are machines used for artificial respiration for patients who are unable to breath sufficiently. A defibrillator is another life-saving apparatus usually found inside ambulances and is used to apply electric current to the chest wall or heart as a treatment for problems with heart rate or rhythm.

At IMI, we are proud sideliners supporting the work of medical front-liners in helping save lives of patients worldwide.

“We shall continue to fully support our customers’ medical device applications, aware of our silent role in saving and enhancing the lives of patients worldwide. This way, we also get to do our part in helping reduce the potential negative impact that this outbreak is causing in the global supply chain of the healthcare industry,” said Arthur R. Tan, chief executive officer of IMI.

IMI specializes in highly reliable and quality electronics for long product life cycle segments such as automotive, industrial electronics and the aerospace market. From its manufacturing plants in ten countries, the company provides engineering, manufacturing, and support and fulfillment capabilities to diverse industries globally. 

- With support from Jun Abraham

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