6月 17, 2020

Proud #IMISidelinerStory: Before the world realized the shortage of face masks

In the production floor of IMI Czech Republic instead of their usual production lines supporting automotive and industrial market requirements, they took upon themselves to produce face masks for themselves and their families. The shortage of face masks prompted such initiative.

It was their priority at that time, alongside the regular assembly and installation of printed circuit boards, to stay healthy and continue their work.

Employees lent their sewing machines to produce the masks. “We use 100% cotton. We bought fabrics from an ordinary textile shop and thanks to the solidarity among the people in the community, we received a good number of cloth donations to make more,” said Damian Rybak, general manager of IMI Czech Republic.

“Any material can be used actually, old bed linens, shirts, etc. Our employees can each use two face masks that they can wash and use interchangeably. We want to produce more and give them away to people in the communities around us,” added Rybak.

They were able to produce 80 to 100 face masks per shift each day to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Now the employees are making more face masks to share to the surrounding communities.

IMI Czech Republic is a subsidiary of Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc., the manufacturing arm of AC Industrials, Ayala Corporation’s emergent industrial technologies group.

- Thanks to Damian Rybak of IMI Czech Republic

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